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Standardization of coal mine safety quality in Shaanxi Province

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In recent years, the coal management, coal mine safety supervision departments and coal mining enterprises at all levels in the province have made safety and quality standardization work an effective means to establish a long-term mechanism for coal mine safety production, and have gradually improved the safety and quality standardization management from top to bottom. The measures and inspection and acceptance, work rewards and punishments, accountability, training, and investment guarantee systems ensured the steady progress of standardization work and continued to consolidate and improve.
Recently, it was learned from the provincial coal mine safety work symposium and local coal mine safety and quality standardization work site that as of May, there were 221 coal mines in the province, 21 of which reached the national level and 15 reached the first level, an increase of 2 And 6 places.
Bai Changan, deputy director of the Provincial Coal Production Safety Supervision Administration, said that at present, the construction of safety standardization in our province is at its best stage, and we must firmly grasp this favorable opportunity to achieve six combinations. It must be combined with the acceptance of construction projects; it should be combined with the resumption of production and acceptance of suspended coal mines; it should be combined with the investigation and management of hidden dangers; it should be combined with the annual inspection of coal production licenses; it should be combined with the credit rating of coal mining enterprises; Combine.