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The internal and external linkages of the Shanxi Coal Group have solved the "coal"

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Adhere to the coal-based implementation of “coalization linkage, gas co-production, coal-fired power, coal-fired machinery, coal non-complementary”, strengthen the joint and linkage between enterprises within the sector, and internal and external enterprises, effectively resist Market risk, enhance competitiveness and improve economic efficiency.
In the face of the cold currents in the coal market, how can we promote the transformation and upgrading of coal enterprises to achieve greater breakthroughs, build a new development strategy advantage as soon as possible, and embark on a connotative development path? Jin Coal Group answers: seize the market reversal mechanism Adhere to the "coal-based, diversified development" unshakable, accelerate the construction of coal-gas-chemical, coal-gas-electricity, coal-coking-chemical three circular economy industrial chain, the implementation of coalification joint venture, gas mining, coal and electricity integration Coal-machine combination and coal non-complementary, strengthen the joint and linkage between enterprises within the sector, as well as internal and external enterprises, effectively resist market risks, enhance competitiveness and improve economic efficiency.
The coalification joint venture is a total of lips. Jinmei Group adheres to the coal-synthesis joint venture, through the information exchange and resource sharing between the two industries of coal and chemical industry, and insists on what coal products are needed by chemical enterprises, and what products are produced. At the same time, the establishment of the Coal Chemicals Division further strengthened the market expansion and new product development capabilities. Grasp the construction of the key project of Shanxi Province - "High-sulfur coal clean utilization circular economy industrial park" to achieve coalification linkage. After the first phase of construction, not only can it produce 1 million tons of clean fuel, 2.4 million tons of ammonia alcohol, 400 megawatts of power generation capacity per year, but also convert and utilize 4.5 million tons of “three high” coal. After the completion of the third phase of the project, it will be able to convert and utilize 11 million tons of “three high” coal, and form high-value clean fuels and high-end chemical products.
Gas mining has a total of difficulties. Since the beginning of this year, we have further accelerated the drilling of CBM wells, and seized the advantages of “CBM extraction and utilization” and Taiyuan Coal Gasification “City gas transmission and distribution”, in accordance with “one city, one network, multiple sources, and unified management”. Based on the “four-in-one” gas source foundation, we will focus on constructing a CBM transmission and distribution network and gas terminal transmission and distribution service network covering all cities and counties, top 100 towns and new rural areas in Shanxi Province, and deploying CNG in the province. Gas station, LNG plant station, speed up the construction of 10 billion cubic meters of coalbed methane drainage and utilization. Expand the scope of production and operation, cooperate with units with power, coal enterprises, and users to accelerate the construction of local conversion and utilization projects to maximize benefits.
Coal and electricity are jointly advancing and retreating. The Shanxi Coal Group has accelerated the pace of cooperation with leading power companies, and its Xihe River 120,000 KW gas power plant and Jinyu Coal Gangue Power Plant have worked hard to improve efficiency and efficiency. The first phase of the Yangcheng 2×135MW power plant will also be put into operation. In view of the rich characteristics of enterprise coal slime and coal gangue, Jinmei Group has accelerated the approval and construction of low-calorific value coal-fired power plant projects. In the use of low-concentration gas, we will continue to carry out low-concentration gas purification, waste wind utilization, power generation and other work, accelerate the promotion of Changping Mine gas power station project, Chengzhuang Mine Shajing, Duanhe and Baisha Gas Power Station projects. Expand the scale of the company's characteristic power industry.
The coal machine united together to tide over difficulties. With the advantage of the internal coal mining company of the company to understand the advantages of coal mine production technology, operating environment and resource conditions, Jinmei Group strives to promote the strong combination of the two industries of coal and coal mining, and realize the development and growth of the two industries. Jinding Company, which is responsible for the coal machine manufacturing, has sent a large number of technicians to the mines since the second half of last year to understand the equipment, technology and process requirements, and to timely research and manufacture the equipment that makes the coal mine satisfactory. All mines and units should also actively share the process and equipment demand information with Jinding Company, propose improvement directions, and give priority to the use of Jinding's mechanical and electrical products under the same conditions. Jinding Company has strengthened cooperation with external related companies and made efforts to improve survivability, service capability and competitiveness.
Coal is not complementary to each other. In order to enable emerging industries to become effective barriers against market risks, Jinmei Group aims to be better, stronger and stronger, and adhere to strong quality, market expansion and promotion of emerging industries such as LED, bio-pharmaceutical, building materials and green sustainable buildings. Benefits, grasping healthy operations, and grasping profitability, making it a new profit growth point. According to statistics, in the first half of this year, the emerging industries with new construction, bio-pharmaceutical and two-way logistics industries completed a total operating income of 8.803 billion yuan, exceeding the budget assessment indicators for the first half of the year. In particular, the green sustainable building of Jinmei Group has successfully obtained the general agency right to develop and develop in Shanxi Province, and the telephone invitation is continuous.