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Chairman’s Speech

Welcome to the Company website. First please accept our heartfelt thanks and sincere regards to you.

In the highly competitive market, we regard product quality as the life of the Company. We emphasize integrity, innovation, and the pursuit of win-win situations with customers, employees, and the society, to achieve continuous development in both opportunities and challenges. Every success we have today is permeated with the love, trust and support of our customers and friends, as well as the diligence, sweat and wisdom of all the staff of Luoyang Luoshen.

Integrity-oriented management is our constant tenet!

Customer satisfaction is our eternal pursuit!

Luoyang Xinchen Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is building high-quality brands with superb technologies and advanced management. Whenever and wherever, as long as you need us, we all will provide you with products and services that you will feel satisfied and assured.


Chairman’s Speech